• "Rose Gold-colored" dial with brown alligator strap WAS2112.FC6181Features

  • Silver dial with black alligator strapWAS2113.FC6180Features

  • Black dial with steel braceletWAS2110.BA0732Features

  • Steel and Rose GoldWAS2151.BD0734Features

  • Steel and GoldWAS2150.FC6181Features

  • Silver dial with black alligator strapCAS2113.FC6266Features

  • Black dial with steel bracelet CAS2110.BA0730Features

Carrera Calibre 6 Heritage
Automatic Watch
Carrera Calibre 16
Heritage Automatic Chronograph

Carrera Heritage

“What’s in a name?” a great poet asked. The Carrera series was named after the legendary 1950s race across Mexico, the Carrera Panamericana. The Carrera Heritage Collection reinvents the series by drawing on TAG Heuer’s 150 years of unrivalled tradition.
Every detail is inspired by the golden age of watchmaking. Cases are beautifully polished till they gleam, as is the monochrome TAG Heuer logo. The dial, with its “flinqué” texture, the specially shaped hands, the crown and the raised Arabic numerals have all been selected from our classic design archive.
The Carrera Heritage Collection is available as a 39mm Calibre 6 automatic watch and a 41mm Calibre 16 automatic chronograph. This is the collection where the future reinvents the past.

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